22 August 2011

Hey Everyone,

On Monday for p-day we went to the driving range and hit golf balls. It was actually kind of fun, except for the blister that I got on hand! This was my first time hitting golf balls and only missed the ball a “few times”. That night we were able to go to a member’s home and have dinner with them. It was a good p-day.

On Wednesday, we had district meeting and it went well. After the meeting we went on splits with Umu. He is a returned missionary who has been home for about a year and he is a great example to me and helps us a lot. We were able to stop by several homes and both Elder Leavitt and I thought we were going to run out of gas! I just knew that it would happen when we were cruising down the freeway and that would just be great. I was way surprised and happy that we didn’t.

Wednesday night I went on exchanges with the Meyers Way missionaries. I went with Elder Miller in their area and Elder Woodruff came to our area with my companion, Elder Leavitt. The exchange went good and switched back on Thursday night.

On Friday we were able to listen to Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder Clayton of the seventy. It was a very good devotional. The Tacoma missionaries came also, so there were a lot of missionaries there. Elder Clayton, Sister Perry and Elder Perry all spoke to us. It didn’t start until 1:30 but all the missionaries came at 12:30 to sing until they came into the chapel. I just want to say that it is awesome to have over 400 missionaries in a chapel singing to an apostle. There usually isn’t another place where you can have that many young men in one place and have it be so quiet and feel the spirit.

I learned how to be a better missionary and had a lot of courage given to me. One quote that Sister Perry shared with us that I really liked was, “Don’t get upset, don’t get an attitude and be patient, then unexpected treasures will happen”. That is so true. I have seen it a lot here on my mission.

On Saturday we had our Luau. It was so much fun. We had a lesson for everyone and taught about faith in Jesus Christ, eternal families and the restoration. Then we went into the gym and ate a lot of Samoan food and there was music and dancing. They wanted my companion and I to get us and do the haka, but we were like “no way”. We got lucky and didn’t have too. There was a good turn out and everything went really well. Our Highline Samoan Ward is awesome!!

That night was transfer calls. Missionaries are always really nervous because they usually do not want to get transferred. Well, I don’t yet, and I am not getting transferred!! J Yet. I was so happy and my companion was also way happy. I am safe for another 6 weeks. J

I hope you all have a great week and your school years starts out good.

Love, Elder Taylor Francom

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