Info from Suzie

I received an email from Taylor letting me know that he is not being transfered this week. Now that he is settled in and knows that he will be in Sea Tac for another 6 weeks until the next possible transfer, I am going to post his address so that his mail can do directly to him.

Elder Taylor Francom

3726 S. 180th St. Unit E-206

Sea Tac, WA 98188

He did tell me that packages sent to the mission home are not delivered to the missionary until the zone leaders have an opportunity to pick them up and deliver them. This can take a week or more, so I think was saying that he would appreciate packages that are sent directly to his apartment.

His next possible tranfer date is October 4th.

Thanks to everyone for all the support you give him. It means a lot to Taylor and to our family.


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