Letter Answering Some of Steve’s Questions (August 2011)

Hey Dad

I hope you are doing well and that work is going good. We just baptized the Timo family. The father and mother didn’t get baptized yet, but all the the kids did. There is a boy named Antoney and the 3 other girls are his older sisters, Jade, Alice and Christina. The parents don’t have work right now and the mother is in a wheel chair becasue of some problems she has that make it so she can’t walk. They live about 15 miles from the church. They get a ride with Dad’s older brother, Brother Timoteo who is very active in the church and has a great family.

Timo Children Baptism

The church we go to is in Burien. It is about 2 1/2 miles away, but driving is slow here in Seattle because of the traffic. So it takes us about 15-20 mintues to get there. We drive a Mazda.

I don’t need fenders for my bike. When they brought it over they gave me some fenders along with a headlight and taillight. I haven’t put them on yet because the only time we have rode was at the BMX track. I am very glad we bought a nice pump and that little tool set at Timp Cyclery. I had to put my bike together myself and the tools came in very handy as you can probably imagine. I am go glad that we decided to just ship my bike. I am blessed to have the bike I do.

The apartment we live in is ok. It is definately an apartment. When I first came in and saw it I thought it was a dump, but I guess it is not so bad. My bed is alright. It is just a small thing. (note from Suzie: Ok, so maybe Taylor did get a little spoiled sleeing in a queen size bed since he was in 7th grade!) Not anything too fancy. We have a little kitchen and our own desk to study and write at. I had to do some major cleaning with the bathroom when I got here. The tub had mold everywhere. It was nasty!! But ya, I got that stuff off. The apartment does have a heater, so overall it keeps us warm and we have a place to study. It is definatly alot different than living in a nice house. We live on the 2nd out of 3 levels.

That "small thing" bed. His is the camo and black quilt.

Sea Tac Kitchen

Each week it varies on how many people we teach. We do alot of our work with the members and our ward mission leader helps us out and goes with us to teach alot. We also do contacting at the Polynesian Store, but most of our investigators come through the members. We work hard but is is kind of a different hard work than the other missionaries. With the Samoan people you have to be a bit relaxed and not try and teach them to death.

I hope that helps alittle bit on how we work and what my life is like now. Thanks for all the support you give ne and everything you do for me.

Elder Francom

Taylor at the Space Needle. Notice the blue sky!

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