15 August 2011

Hey everyone,

On Tuesday we had zone conference. It was really good. Better than I expected it to be. So many things are going to be changing in our mission. We are going to start using electronics more for helping with studying, teaching, finding and just everything. Each companionship got a DVD player with 2 Preach My Gospel DVD’S. We are going to be using them for part of study time in the morning, so we can become better acquainted with Preach my Gospel. Each week we are going to set time aside to go on the computers for 45 minutes to get better acquainted with mormon.org. On October 1st there is going to be all kinds of posters and signs and the computers/internet will be flooded with mormon.org on them. (note from Suzie: The church is having a mormon.org campaign in Western Washington. From what I hear the members and the missionaries are very excited about it.) It is a new thing that the church is doing. They did it in New York and are going to do it here in the Seattle Washington Mission. I don’t know everything that is going to happen but it should be good and I am excited.

On Wednesday my companion and I went over to White Center (it is where alot of asian markets are) to get a planner from our zone leaders. There were street contacting and we saw them talking to somebody on the sidewalk. So before they saw us, we went and parked the car and watched where they were going. We followed them from across the street and went through some buildings so they would not see us. We found a wall to hide behind and waited for them to get closer. Then, I got up on the wall and jumped down right when they were passing. :) I scared them pretty good and my companion and I thought it was really funny! The zone leaders on the other hand didn’t look too happy…..HA HA HA (that just made me laugh even more). I just thougth I would share that story to let you know that I am still the same Taylor.

President L. Tom Perry is coming to our mission on August 19th. It is going to be really cool to have him talk to us all.

Last week all the Samoans we having a thing called Flag Week. It is where Samoans from Hawaii, Utah and Samoa come here to Seattle to compete in a big cricket competition. We went up there on Friday for a couple of hours and met with the Utah teams and they gave us some lunch. It was really cool to go up there. The Samoans are awesome.

Elder Francom

Elder Francom and Elder Leavitt in front of the Experience Music Project building in Seattle.

Suzie note: Can’t you just see them laughing at those poor zone leaders?!!

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