8 August 2011

Sorry that I haven’t written more on what I am doing everyday. Here is some more info. We wake up everyday at 6:15 and exercise for about 30 minutes. We have been running, jump roping, and doing pushups/situps. I have gotten up to 80 pushups. I am getting better at jump rope. Then it is time to prepare for the day and start PS (personal study) that is from 8 to 8:30 . Then from 8:30 to 10 we have companion study. It will change from 8-9 when I am not a greeny anymore. Because we are assigned to the Samoan ward, we have language study from 10-11. Every Wednesday we have district meeting and this Tuesday we have zone meeting. It will got from 8 to 5 or 6.

For contacting we go to the Polynesian store and the cricket field on Saturdays. We don’t do any tracting in our area. Right now we have the Timo parents and the Polosi family as investigatiors. We go with the ward mission leader alot. He helps out alot beacuse some of the Samoans can’t understand english very well. Brother Toala (ward mission leader) is really cool and very helpful. We also visit alot of the families in the ward and RCLA’s (note from Suzie-I am not sure, but am guessing this is Recent Covert Less Active) and we eat alot when we go. The Samoans love to feed us. There is a less active member, Brother Nepo who we go and visit. He is so cool. Last time we went and saw him he had hamburgers for us, and they were grilled! Not a hamburger from McDonalds. It was so good. He has a wife and two boys who are about 12 and 18 or so.

During the day we get two, 1 hour breaks for lunch and dinner, and are usually back to our apartment at 9. We plan for the next day and get to bed by 10:30.

Today for p-day we went to the mall and the Family Fun Center. We played minature golf and did the batting cages. It was way fun. We went with the Meyers Way missionaries (Elder Woodruff and Elder Miller). Last week I went on exchanges with the zone leaders because my companion is district leader. The zone leaders are in a polongie (white) ward. It was kinda different visiting members who were polongie when I have only been seeing Samoans.

The Seattle mission area has so many people and house everywhere and the traffic is crazy. Two p-days ago we went to downtown Seattle with the Meyers Way missionaries. I was amazed at seeing all the people. I really didn’t like it there. It was too crowded. Ha Ha. So different from Blanding. While we were there we walked so much that my feet were hurting the next day. We went to the Space Needle and then to Pike’s Market. (That place is crazy! So many people and different things.) Then we went to the Basefield then it was time for us to head back to the other side of Seattle to get the car.

So everyone who thinks that high school is bad with drama and all that, well, you are wrong! Ha Ha. A mission has tons more. I was so suprised. I am glad that I am not a drama type person. I have been having a great time. My companion is helping me and teaching me how to fun and work hard, so life is good.

Elder Francom

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