1 August 2011

Hey everyone,

Last week was another good week. The Samoan’s have been feeding us all the time like usual. Last Saturday we went to the cricket park and some Samoans gave us a lot of food while we were there. Then we went to one of the Tongan members homes because we were car pooling with them to save miles. At that home we got fed another meal, and after that appointment it was time to go to Tina’s wedding reception and they feed us a ton there! I have never eaten so much in my life in that short of time! That morning I weighed 157 and when we got back to the apartment I was 164! I was so sick that night and the entire next day, but I didn’t throw up! :) YA, BIG accomplishment.

At the reception I meet a husband and his wife who had been in Blanding just the week before. That was pretty cool but it made me more homesick! I have also meet a girl who has some friends from Blanding. It is defiantly a small world. The weather has been really nice. Everyone says that summer has finally got here. I really miss not eating what is normal food to me. The Samoan food is good but I definitely eat a lot of things that I normally wouldn’t. I am making some very good friendships with the Samoan people especially the Toalas. I miss you all. I hope everyone is doing well and having lots of fun!

I want to tell you one of my favorite scriptures that I have found. It might be my favorite one for my entire mission. It is Alma 58: 10-11. It is such an awesome couple of verses. It helps me so much to read them.

-Elder Francom

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