25 July 2011

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. I made it through the 2nd week being out in the field! Yeah! Ha-ha. It was a good, great, long, hard, fun, disappointing week. Just how it should be right? We had 5 baptisms on Saturday. The parents of the Timo family said that they weren’t ready. We are going to try really hard to get them this week. I baptized two of the kids. One was a boy named Antony and he is about 9 yrs. old. The other was a girl named Jade and she is about 11 yrs. old. It was the first time I have ever baptized someone. It was a really great experience. Then I was able to confirm Antony as a member of the church. That was also a first for me and another great experience.

My companion and I get along very well. I am thankful to have him as a trainer. So I guess I could tell you more about the food I have eaten. Oh, and to clarify on the rice–it is sticky rice, yum! We put sosi tamato (ketchup) on it and sometimes mati (mustard) also. Ya, it is kind of wired. But actually isn’t to bad. Some other food that I have eaten has been turkey tail, sausage and Oti (a really great drink, that has either pineapple or watermelon with milk, coconut and some other stuff). I love it!!! There has also been corn beef (it’s alright I guess), more noodles, orange chicken, hot dogs, and everything else that I have said. So ya I have turned into not being a picky eater at all. I eat anything now! Because like I said before (I think) if you don’t clean your plate, it is an insult and you don’t want that as a missionary.

I have had a lot of hard times and great times so far on my mission and it has been worth it! I am learning so much. I love and miss all of you and wish you the best of luck with whatever you have going on. Thanks for all the support and for the letters! It always makes me have a great day when I get letters.

Alofa, Elder Francom

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