First Day in the Mission Field

Today in the mail we received these pictures and a letter that Taylor had written from the mission home when he arrived on July 12th.

Elder Francom with President & Sister Larkin

Elder Francom with his first companion, Elder Travis Leavitt from Bunkerville, NV

Dear Family,

It was way awesome talking to you this morning! The plane ride was very quick and I sat by a couple who have served two missions and was a mission president for 3 years. It was really cool. We got off the plane and the mission president and the two assistants were there to meet us. We all piled in vans and trucks and came to the mission home. (note from Suzie: there were 21 new missionaries that arrived on that flight!) It is so green here. The mission president and his wife seem like they are awesome! We are all writing letters right now at the mission home and waiting for lunch and to get short interviews with the president. We find out who are trainers are this evening. It is kinda weird to be here. It still seems like a dream. I am way excited to be here and start serving the people.

Love, Elder Francom

note from Suzie: Taylor is currently living in the city of SeaTac, which of course is right next to the airport. He and his companion are assigned to work with the Somoan people and can go any wherein the mission boundaries. Yes, they have a car but they also use bikes when they can to keep within their mileage allotment. They also spend an hour a day learning the language!

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