18 July 2011

Hey everyone,

Well I am out in Seattle! The Samoan ward is awesome! On Sunday we went to church and it was kinda different, because they teach in samoan. I didn’t have a clue to what they were teaching, but that didn’t matter because if I listened to the spirit I was able to know what they were talking about and learn from it. I have already learned so much from the Samoan people. They are truly amazing. I love them. I am glad that I like rice because we eat it alot! So far what I have eating has been rice, chicken (lots) beef, lamb (that was a first but it was good), boiled bananas (kinda weird but they taste alright), lots of soup, some like donut things (they were good), Samoa cocoa (I am not a fan of it, to tell you the truth I think it tastes like you are drinking ashes with water). When we go to Samoan families, everyone feeds us and they want us to eat ALOT and if we don’t, it is an insult to them.

Guess what? We have 7 baptisms this week on saturday! It is so cool. I love to see what effects the gospel has on families. It is truly amazing. One of the baptisms is a older lady named Sisila, and the other 6 are the Timo family. It is a blessing in my life to see them grow in the gospel. I am getting more use to being out here in the field. With the Timo family the father had a problem with drinking and alcohol. When we were teaching we talked about how it is bad for us and we shouldn’t take it into our bodies, because our bodies are a temple and he was agreeing with us. He brought up the subject of using those things for medicine and how if we are not careful we will get addicted to them, and it will be a problem. That made me think of Joseph Smith and how when he was a young kid he had to have his leg cut open, and how he refused to drink alcohol. He had his dad hold him down during the entire process. Even at a very young age, Joseph was incredibly strong! He was truly the first president of our church and a very strong one.

I am thankful to be out here serving a mission. It still goes by slow sometimes but I know that by the time 2 years is up, I will look back and wonder where all the time went. We just need to pray to our Heavenly Father alot and he will help us through everything that we do. We pray so much out here in the mission. I have never prayed as much as I do now and for as long as I do. I know that prayer is a huge blessing in our lives. I hope everyone is doing well and having lots of fun. I miss everyone. I love you all and thanks for all the support you give to me.

-Elder Francom

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